Pontypridd At War

The Second World War At Home

by Don Powell

A detailed and readable account of life in this South Wales Valleys town and neighbouring villages during the Second World War, and also the sharply contrasting years immediately before and after. Includes chapters on rationing, the Home Guard and the uniformed cadet forces, the highly successful war-time savings campaigns in the town, the arrival of hundreds of evacuee children from Kent and also a large contingent of US troops, and how people spent their spare time during the war at cinemas, dance-halls and elsewhere. Dozens of well known local personalities and events of the period are recalled in a book that will bring back many memories for those who remember the war years in Pontypridd. For those born since 1945, the book will help them to understand how the modern community has evolved.

Don Powell is also the author of Victorian Pontypridd

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1999. Hardback, vi + 250 pages, 53 plates

ISBN 1 898937 32 X