Place Names in Glamorgan

by Gwynedd O. Pierce

The origins and meanings of place names have an enduring fascination and lie at the heart of any investigation into the history of a community. And yet the subject is of great complexity, especially in Wales, with its mixture of languages and frequent misunderstanding of Welsh names by English writers. A full grasp of how a name as evolved can come only from a close study of the early form of the name and a wide knowledge of languages. Professor Gwynedd Pierce, who until his retirement was head of the Department of the History of Wales at the University of Wales, Cardiff, and is the acknowledged doyen of Welsh place-name scholars, makes available knowledge built up over a lifetime of study through a series of 150 short essays outlining the history of a selection of names from Wales's largest county. As well as discussing Cardiff, Swansea and other important places, the book includes communities as widely separated as Llysworney and The Gurnos, well-known features such as the Wormshead, and landmarks as famous for different reasons as Culverhouse Cross and The Gnoll. Professor Pierce explains all with wit and erudition, drawing frequent parallels with names elsewhere in Wales.

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2002. Paperback, 240 pp.

ISBN 1 898937 57 5