Markham & Company of Chesterfield 1889-1998

by Ken Wort and Mike Bennett

In 1889 Charles Paxton Markham, a director of the Staveley Coal & Iron Company, purchased the premises of a failed Chesterfield engineerĀ­ing concern, Oliver & Sons. Under his vigorous leadership, Markham & Co. developed into a highly successful business, specialising in winders and other colliery equipment. In 1924 the company was absorbed into the Staveley combine and in 1937 became part of John Brown. It was later owned by Trafalgar House and finally Kvaerner, which closed the Chesterfield site in 1998.This new book tells the story of one of the best known heavy engineering companies in Britain, which was also for many years a major employer in Chesterfield. As well as mining equipment, Markham specialised in water turbines and tunnelling machinery, including plant for the Channel Tunnel. It exported to many countries.Written by two former directors, the book is valuable not only as a general account of a large engineering company but also as a first-hand case-study of efforts to sustain such a business in recent decades. At the same time, with over 70 illustrations of Markham's works, products and people, the book will be of interest to all who remember a great Chesterfield company.

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Paperback, 128 pp. 73 illustrations

ISBN: 1 898937 64 8