Local History

A Handbook for Beginners

by Philip Riden

A fully revised and reset second edition of this standard introductory text. As one reviewer said of the first edition, `Books about how to study English local history are very numerous. Nevertheless, there are some which are outstandingly useful for beginners. Best of all is Philip Riden's Local History: a Handbook for Beginners, which is short and very practical.' Fully up-dated, with an extensive guide to further reading, the book has regained its place as the most reliable and widely used title in its field. Above all, it remains a down-to-earth, straightforward manual which explains to readers with no previous experience how to investigate the history of local communities, using both library and archive resources. Especially useful for students tackling dissertations at any stage from A Level onwards, the book is ideal for the amateur enthusiast, school teacher, extramural student or undergraduate. Contents: Local History Yesterday and Today; At the Library; At the Record Office; Maps; Landscapes and Buildings; The Public Record Office and other National Collections; Writing and Publishing; Further Reading; Index.

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1998. 208 pp. Paperback

ISBN 1 898937 27 3