A History of Derbyshire

by Gladwyn Turbutt

Written in an authoritative yet readable style, supported by a full apparatus of references and bibliography, Gladwyn Turbutt's History of Derbyshire represents not only an immense step forward in the study of the county's history but also breaks new ground in a wider sense. Not since the eighteenth century has a county history on this scale been completed by a single author and published in his lifetime. This is a book which everyone interested in the history of Derbyshire will wish to possess, and an essential reference work for all libraries with collections of English local history.

Gladwyn Turbutt is also the author of Superstition & Religion in Early Derbyshire

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1999. Hardback, four volume set
liv + 1748 pages 24 maps, 170 plates (3 in colour)

ISBN 1 898937 34 6