The Face on the Kitchen Cupboard

by Myriam Audren with Helen Goossens

Myriam Audran was born in Sète, on the Mediterranean coast of France, and has lived in the south of France all her life. Her journey through life—from a child who did not suspect that she was different from others, to becoming a clairvoyant, medium and exorcist with an international clientele—has been arduous at some moments, exhilarating at others, but never dull. She has had to open many doors, unravel many secrets and acquire many skills to get to where she is today—and, as she puts it, `the journey has not ended yet'.

This book tells all, her joys and fears, her successes and failures, her hopes and disappointments. It details some of the unusual situations she's been in and some of the remarkable people she's met. It is the story of a woman who was open-minded and brave enough to fully accept the unusual trick life played on her and to assume full responsibility for her talent.

Myriam Audran is one of France's better-known clairvoyants, mediums and exorcists. This book is the story of her life so far, which leaves precious little to say about her here. Myriam is married and has four children; she lives in the Ariège in south-west France. This is her first book.

A training in science journalism and an international career in the computer industry made Helen Goossens the obvious candidate to listen to and then write down Myriam Audran's life story. A Dutch national, Helen and her 4 dogs and 5 cats live in rural France, where she studies music history, plays piano and spinet, learns to knit and fails miserably to grow her own vegetables. This is her first book.

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Paperback 196pp inc 8 pages of plates