The Daily Telegraph Diary of a Farming Wife

One Woman's View of the Foot & Mouth Crisis

by Sally Leaney

A daily diary chronicling the life of one farming family during the foot and mouth epidemic of 2001, which captured the sympathy of millions of readers when first published in The Daily Telegraph,is now a book from Merton Priory Press, published in association with that newspaper Sally Leaney, who with her husband Duncan farms at Corfe, near Taunton (Somerset), set out to record how the epidemic affected their business, their home life and their family. Her diary, which was published for eleven weeks by The Daily Telegraph, brings home the devastating impact of foot and mouth on the farming industry in the South West. Since publication in the newspaper ended in May, Mrs Leaney has continued to keep a diary and the book, to be published in October 2001, includes a further two months of daily entries, bringing the story of life at Heale Farm almost up to date. It also contains a selection of the hundreds of letters Sally and Duncan have received from readers of The Daily Telegraph concerned at the problems foot and mouth has caused. Sally Leaney’s diary aroused huge interest, locally and nationally, both within and beyond the farming industry and the rural community, when it was first published in The Daily Telegraph. It will now be available in an enlarged, permanent form, as an attractively illustrated paperback of 160 pages, published in association with Britain’s best-selling quality daily newspaper.

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160 pp + approx 30 mono plates

ISBN 1 898937 51 6