The Banker's Daughter

A True Story of Love, Betrayal and Survival

by Caroline Thonger

An impossible love-triangle set against the dramatic events of Germany’s recent past, from just before the First World War to the Third Reich. Eva Steinthal was born in the last decade of the nineteenth century, the daughter of one of the richest Jews in Berlin. She enjoyed an idyllic childhood but how would her world be affected by the Great War and its aftermath? Locked into a loveless marriage, she undertakes a dangerous liaison with an older married man. Once Hitler is in power, Eva’s family are scattered and she is exiled. Under the shadow of another World War she escapes the Holocaust only to end up in Peru. Unable to speak Spanish and cut off from her former life, how will she survive, alone and friendless, in an alien land?

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Paperback, 255 pages, 76 plates, 6 maps.

ISBN: 978 1 898937 71 5