A Poor But Industrious People

by Richard Hollowell

In many ways Brafield-on-the-Green, a few miles down the Nene Valley from Northampton, was like any other Midlands village in the twentieth century. It was, however, a very poor community, with living conditions far worse than those in neighbouring villages. Brafield folk, though, were both stoical and stout-hearted. Working hard to improve their lot and provide their children with a better future, they helped and supported each other through difficult times.

Richard Hollowell was a product of this community. In this book, he paints a picture of the times, as well as describing his life and the events which led to his career as a market gardener, and how he became an amateur archaeologist, local councillor and family man. His highly personal memories, edited after his death by his son, give a rare insight into village life in the last century.

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2001. Hardback, 156 pages, 16 colour plates, 76 black and white plates

ISBN: 1 898937 52 4